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We at Australian Communications and Infrastructure  (AC&I) have been in business for 70 years and still continue to give the highest quality output as evident through our integrated Quality Management System (QMS), which is accredited to ISO9001:2000.

We specialize in project management, structural engineering, communications system design and installation, infrastructure manufacture, environmental system design and procurement and infrastructure solutions. Our goal is to offer ground-breaking, competent and incorporated solutions to come up with higher profitability for clients as they work on their target efficiently and cost effectively.  We at AC&I also offer full support to the client even after a project is completed so you are assured that you are not alone in fulfilling your target.

Australian Communications and Infrastructure works with large companies, mining corporations as well as the government, which only means that we know and are confident about the quality of our work.  We also have vast experience in building tower infrastructure like radio towers and masts, communication systems and various infrastructures.  Because of the nature of what we do, we make sure that we are always updated with the latest technology, software and management practices to give our clients excellent satisfaction and be able to provide solution for their every need and concern.

To give an idea of what we offer.  For communication system design and procurement, we offer in house consultation, design and procurement service to answer high end communication needs. For environmental system design and procurement on the other hand, we also give in-house  sessions, design and procurement service for all your environmental monitoring needs like wind, water, solar radiation, dust, noise and soil.

Since we offer infrastructure solutions, we can also provide solutions for issues that are related with communications.  Aside from this, Australian Communications and Infrastructure also helps our client minimize their cost by offering our very own backbone infrastructure. Our concern is not only our business, but more importantly,  we give high regards to the safety and welfare of our staff by giving importance to safety and training, and at the same time taking into full consideration their attitude and their work environment.

Our staff is composed of young and talented IT personnel who are all committed to the development and understanding of new technologies.  Our team of competent Project Managers, Administrators and Technical Staff are led by our Company Directors who themselves are passionate and committed to deliver an exceptional service and support

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