Avoid Computer Eye Strain

In this computer world, people become prone to eye strain caused by staring at the monitor for extended number of hours. Computer workers may suffer from a vision problem called computer vision syndrome or CVS, which is characterized by blurred vision, dry eyes, and persistent headaches. There are many ways to avoid CVS apart from wearing contact lenses or eyeglasses with the proper corrective prescription. Here are some tips:

visionstrainTip #1: Ensure that proper lighting is available in your workstation. Brighter or dimmer lighting can cause eye strain.

Tip #2: Position your computer about an arm’s length directly across your eyes.

Tip #3: Install an anti-glare screen into your monitor.

Tip #4: Blink more while using your computer.

Tip #5: If possible, work with a computer with a higher resolution.

Why eye strain must be avoided

While there is no confirmed long-term damage that computer eye strain may cause, it is very important still that you address such a problem. If not, you will experience discomforts that may keep you from being productive at all. Even wearing contact lenses will not keep you safe from the common symptoms of CVS so you must really be careful.

Aside from the usual vision-related problems, eye strain caused by staring long hours at the computer screen may lead to aches and pains in other parts of the body including your neck and your shoulder. That’s why it is ideal that you follow the guidelines on good posture whenever you are working on your computer.

Give your eyes rest

While having contact lenses on may help, it is advisable that you give your eyes some rest every so often. If it is possible, do not stay staring at the monitor for two hours straight or more. Let your eyes rest by simply staring elsewhere, away from the computer screen.

Although working with computers levels up your productivity, digital eye strain could reverse that considerably. That is good enough reason for you to take this issue seriously and giving your eyes some rests in between could be very helpful.

Aside from giving your eyes frequent breaks, a regular check-up with your eye specialist is valuable. If you need new lenses or a changed prescription and you did not have it, working with computers would be entirely difficult. Common vision problems will also be pertinent, regardless if you spend long hours in front of a computer or not. Wearing the right pair of contacts or the right glasses to correct your vision will help ease your symptoms, allowing you to become even more productive at work and anywhere else.

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