Digital Publishing 101: The Basics That You Need to Know

realview_digital1Everyone knows that digital publishing has so many benefits for readers. But, writers all over the world whether that’s digital newspapers or e-books, find this one of the best innovations ever. With its emergence, it became easier for newbies – even without the backing of a well-known publisher – to come out with their creations.

So if you are one of those people thinking about going into digital publishing, here are some things you need to know:

Know what your target readers would like

What is your story all about? Who are the people who will most likely read it? In what format would they like to read this? While there are a lot of people who find digital newspapers, magazines and books convenient, there are some who like the experience of flipping the pages of a paperback. Knowing this can help you decide if an e-book is worth it all.

Addition of illustrations and drawings

Most e-book publishing software out in the market now do not have high tech capabilities of handling illustrations and drawings so if your book has a lot of these, you might need another software like the flipbook creator to help you. You will need to learn how to use different kinds of applications but it would be a great help for your final product.

Ability to reach your readers online

The advantage of having a publisher in the traditional sense is that you don’t need to market your book. The publishing company will be the one to handle that part. Unless your book was ‘bought’ by said company, you will have to do the marketing on your own.

Aside from studying the digital publishing software and the flipbook maker application mentioned above, you will also need some groundwork on how to advertise your book to your targeted audience.

Creation of websites, writing blogs and linking all those to social media platforms (where most people spend most of their time in these days) are only some of the most helpful and effective marketing strategies for this purpose.

Don’t be impatient about raking in the sales immediately. That doesn’t happen very frequently on the internet, especially for independent writers who are planning to make it on their own without help from reputed publishers.

But if you’re persistent enough and if you have good material, you will definitely get there on top, whether what you have are digital newspapers, magazines or e-books.

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