Expanding Your Digital Presence – It’s Not as Hard as You Think

One of the best ways to increase your chances of success in e-business is to improve your digital presence. There are numerous ways on how you could do this such as having an interesting web design and working on your SEO. But, what you need to do is start on this right this minute, or your competitors will leave you behind.

It’s not as hard as you think, really!

After reading all those instructional articles about expanding your digital presence, you might be thinking how complicated it is – not to mention how expensive everything will be. But, it’s all about prioritizing your tasks and concentrating on it before you move on to the next.

So, we are going to list down the basic step-by-step process on how you could accomplish an ecommerce web design and make it work.

Plan your move (Week one)

If you have a clear goal and you plan to achieve that no matter what, a week’s worth of planning would be enough. Consider your budget, time and other resources for you to go digital.

As soon as you’re done with your plan, have a website designed and programmed. Please take note of the basic tips on how to create a well-designed site.

Create content (Week two)

google agencyYour planned web design is completely nothing if you have no good content. Start with written articles about yourself and whatever it is that you’re offering. Include photos, videos, infographics and even podcasts that would interest your market, too.

Helpful tip: Instead of advertising and trying to sell them something, tell your story. You’ll be appreciated more for that.

Social media integration (Week three)

Usually, the next step after content management is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. But, that we’re inserting Social Media Integration because this is something you could start on your own, even without hiring a professional digital agency Sydney.

Open Facebook and Twitter accounts (or whatever you have thought of) and start sharing all the content you have created.

Search Engine Optimization

As much as we’d like to say that those three above are enough so you can minimize your spending, it’s not. You will need SEO if you want to be seen by your targeted market and if you want to stay on top of the search engines.

Do take note that the timeline we have provided would be perfect for those who are concentrating on this alone. You might need more time to work on web design, SEO and other matters if you are doing something else.

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