Know About Your Cat 5 Cable

You may say that you’re not familiar with this term because you have not heard of this before. Or, you could say that you have no idea what it looks like. But if you have a computer at home and a broadband internet, you have seen a Cat 5 cable already.

opticfibreThis cable may be the first one to have been used when it comes to network connectivity and there may have been a lot of innovations which came out years after that. Nonetheless, it has not grown obsolete. Up to this day, this cable is still quite popular and is still needed. Here are some of the reasons why this is so.

Still the Cheapest

While fibre optic cables are said to be less expensive than a lot of the new innovations in the market when it comes to networking and connectivity, the Cat 5 still is one of the cheapest options in the market today. A Cat 5 cable which contains 20% copper (best quality) may cost about $5 per meter or about $1.50 per foot. The price will decrease if you get this in bulk.

Quite Versatile

There are two different kinds of Cat 5 cables: the solid conductor form and the stranded conductor form. The latter, used to connect computers to wall sockets due to its flexibility, is a bit more expensive than the former. But the great thing about this is that you can use either one for internet, phone and other connections.

Speedy Data Transfers

Despite the fact that it is relatively an old technology, this is still able to transfer data at high speeds. Believe it or not, it can deal with not one, not two, but four signals in just one time. Because of this capability, it is still used in a lot of offices.

Some company owners make use of the Cat 5e version for Ethernet cabling because this has more enhanced capabilities of 1000 Mb.

It is true that there are some drawbacks to using the Cat 5 cable such as its sheer sensitivity to disturbances and interference and its difficulty to transfer bulks of data. But these things are only disadvantageous to big companies that require frequent data transfer within a very large network. But for the homes, this really won’t be an issue.

Some people are saying that people should switch to the more advanced and topnotch fibre optics technology or its predecessor, the optic cables, but there is no doubt that the Cat 5 still has its uses. 

 What is a Cat 5 cable? Click here for more information:

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