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In case you’re contemplating on purchasing your very first home and lot, you must know there is a process called property inspection that you need to go through. It is a non-invasive inspection of a building, particularly on the visual aspect. It is performed and carried out by building certifiers Sydney that are trained and experts in the evaluation of a building or property and the components inside.

The inspection is basically intended to provide the buyer, which in this case is you, with sufficient information in order to arrive at a smart decision of whether to buy the house or not. It means you get the chance to walk away from the said inspection knowing about the major problems and issues about the property. It also gives you a list of the things that need maintenance both in the short and long term periods.

propertyinspectionThe private certifiers Sydney inspectors or building inspectors will tell you that the inspection to be conducted is visual and completely non-invasive. Hence, no part of the building will be destroyed, dismantled or tampered. It means you don’t have to worry about them drilling holes in the walls, removing the roofing shingles, or perhaps breaking tiles in the bathroom. You expect that the house or building will be in the same exact condition after the inspection is completed. But in case the inspector or certifier makes any damage to either the home or the components inside, the liability will be shouldered by the building certification company Sydney. That is as clear as it can get. That’s why you need to find a reliable private certifier or property certification company. With a reputable one, you make sure that there is insurance coverage in case of unforeseen or accidental damages.

The property inspection is commonly distinguished into three areas. These are:

1 – Visual Inspection – You and the certifier will meet at the property to do the evaluation. It’s basically taking a good look around the entire property or house. The participation of the would-be buyer is encouraged, but not mandatory.

2 – Inspection Report – When the visual inspection is done, questions will entertained. After that, a detailed written report will be given to the client within 48 hours of the inspection. The report will mostly include the details of the entire property, not just a checklist of the items and components inside.

3 – Post Inspection – The last part would be the post-inspection guaranteed resource. What this means is that after the giving of the written report, the property certifiers will be more than willing to clarify any problems, questions, or issues coming from the report. They are also willing to provide answers to questions about any step or aspect of the conducted inspection. Remember that this is part of the inspection fee you’re going to pay so don’t ever pay for additional services.

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