What to Remember When Setting Up Regular TV for Outdoor Viewing

TV watching is becoming a favorite bonding time. Family members watch their favorite TV program or show and enjoy home cooked food. With the technology and available outdoor TV and outdoor signage, family TV watching is made more fun because it can be held outdoor other than the living room. If you’re thinking of having a regular TV for outdoor watching, here are some points to take note to maximize your family outdoor TV watching.

Use TV that’s less than 5 years old


While outdoor TV in Australia is the best and most appropriate for outdoor TV watching, regular TV is a cheaper replacement. However, make sure your regular TV is about 85mm deep and regular set that’s less than 5 years old has the required deep. It is also advisable to find outdoor TV enclosure that fits your regular TV. This is for stability as well as protection from rain, dirt, and theft.

Make use of weatherproofing

Since your regular TV will be set outdoor, don’t ignore the importance of weatherproofing. It doesn’t mean you need to put up HD outdoor signage but because your set will be exposed to direct sunlight, the rain and dirt, hence, it must be weatherproof. Find an enclosure with metal frame that’s been IP rated.

Make use of panel shades

It is a rule that the set be placed under a shade however if there’s no shade, using panel shade is the best solution. Using panel shades is recommended when using outdoor signage or outdoor TV for wear and tear solution.

Take note of the spot where to install

Choose a spot that fits your set. There must be room for maintenance purposes or space for wiggling around. The south direction is most appropriate spot because the sun will be behind the set.

Protect the cables

Because your set will be set outdoor, use a cable that is rated for outdoor use and with UV protection. Bear in mind that worn down cables are dangerous specially when exposed to elements like rain or water.

Accessorized correctly

Outdoor TV watching is more fun when the audio is great, and when thinking of accessorizing or having audio speakers, ask an outdoor TV installation service for weatherproof speakers and chances are, your outdoor TV installation service has complete package that’s installed inside an enclosure.

Outdoor TV viewing is great for family bonding and when entertaining so make sure everybody is safe and enjoy an uninterrupted TV viewing.

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