What’s in Badges?

Badges are the most commonly used in engaging audience in many social events. They are also used in promotional campaigns like those in automotive industry, for rewards and achievements in organizations such as Boy Scouts and the likes.  Badges variations includes custom name tags commonly used to identify participants, staff and VIP’s in many social events.

Badges in gamified designs are used to demonstrate consumer status and progress. Consumers of a product expose their willingness to use and patronize the product through their willingness to collect and display badges associated with the product or service. Many popular sports teams engage fans with custom-made badges and enjoy large support measured by the numbers of badges fans collect. In fact, many badges became most-sought item for collectors.badges3

Badges in social sites also enjoy big support from internet users. Many social sites have badging system to reward their users for every challenges completed. Amazon, the giant consumer-based website has a badging system to reward their valued commenter. Gaming sites also follow a badging system to attract players and continued support. With badges to won, gamers are inclined to play and pay more.

On the other hand, badges used in social events have come a long way. Custom name tags have replaced the plain tin badge and they are popular among event organizers. Different designs that are attention getter, with glowing colors, bold fonts and graphics are among the top sellers. These name tags had gotten away from using metal pins and instead use fabric-friendly adhesive tape that gives more freedom to wearer to move around. They also come in beautiful and colorful lanyard that ensure security.

Giving in to the market’s demand, badges makers employ the latest techniques in designing and producing badges. Custom name tags are tuned in following fashion as well as entertainment trends. They work hard to ensure their badges are attractive, collectible and engaging. Wearers would be proud to display these name badges and in many cases end up collecting them.

Badges are also popular as promotional tools. Business had seen their great potentials in attracting consumer’s interest as well as awareness and employ marketing strategy through promotional badges. Home-consumer products engage housewives and homemakers to buy by giving out novelty badges with fridge magnets as the most popular. However, badges are not limited as promotional tool. Badges are also used in many social campaigns like that of Senior Citizen or PWD parking badges. Most of these badges are of sticker form and display distinct logos.

Since badges were introduced, they have proven as an effective tool in producing stellar and outstanding product, service or event and up to now, the charm has never wear off.

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