Take a Break: Health Retreats

We live in a world that has food delivered at a tap of a button, taxis waiting at every corner, and online shopping has taken over. Our world never keeps us moving all day, every day, but not always in the way we need.

The season is upon us where we are dreaming of the summer sunshine and the beach body we do not have. But even deeper than that beach body is our overall health. Winter months lead to hibernation tendencies: less activity, more food intake. Sometimes, we just need a break (and we’re just looking for an excuse to travel).

Vacation is not defined as lying in bed all day binge watching your guilty pleasure shows. It is defined as an extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from normal daily activities. Take time to get yourself in the best health you have ever been in and kick start your summer. The following are two retreat options that give you a little insight to what is out there waiting for you.

retreatsGolden Door Health Retreat and Spa Elysia (Australia):

This place is heaven on earth. Cellphones are prohibited on the property, and the program packages are all inclusive! Take part in different activities and sports to keep the body in tip top shape, and eat food that tastes so delicious you won’t want to eat junk food ever again.

This is a spa, so you can bet you’ll be relaxing in steam rooms and oohing and ahhing over some amazing massages. This is a vacation that you you’ll remember forever, and when you’re sitting back at your desk, you’ll feel refreshed (and dreaming of going back for more).

Lumeria Maui (Hawaii):

If leaving the United States is a little out of your comfort zone, but you still want to get away and experience a beautiful retreat, check out Lumeria Maui. The rooms here overlook the ocean and if you’re interested you can get lessons out on the water for multiple water sports.

If you’re not into the extreme sports, do not worry! They have meditation gardens, yoga studios, and sanctuaries that allow you the space for peace and reflection (sometimes the best thing for your health is just letting your mind free).

One of the unique experiences you can get here is participating in the gathering of fruits, vegetables and herbs that are then used in your meals. Here, you can see the farm-to-table action (something you may not get in a city).

I know vacations are far and few between, but everyone needs a break. You owe it to your mind, body, and soul, to at least look into a refreshing health retreat. You never know what you are missing out on. The fresh air, brand new beautiful views and surroundings, and available activities could be just the break you need to feel better and become motivated to look out for yourself more.

Think about it, what’s better? Sitting behind your desk with your background a sunny beach, or feeling a refreshing wave of wellness wash over your entre being? Check out http://www.slideshare.net/ontrackretreats1

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